Tuesday, July 25, 2017

These were the 2017 UkeFest audience sing and strum-alpmng songs

Incredible News!  The CascoBay UkeFest is getting even closer and will most definitely happen on Saturday, July 29, at St. Luke’s Cathedral from 9:30 to 4:00, rain or shine.

Equally Incredible News!  In the afternoon, the Merry Plinksters will be performing for free and will teach the audience the Ames Brothers version of  “Rag Mop”.  Take a look at the chord chart in the upper right-hand corner of the music sheet for how to play the chords.  Whoa!  Five chords, yes, but four of the five are only two-finger chords!  Easy-peasy, especially now that you can try them out ahead of time, and the Merry Plinksters will guide us through this fun song.

Bring your ukulele!  Sing!  Strum!  Do both!  All along with a fun-loving, very supportive and audience and the Merry Plinksters.  Of course it’ll be great fun!

Stay tuned (that would be G, C, E, and A) for more songs to be sung at the UkeFest.

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