Thursday, September 5, 2019

Saturday, September 21, 9:00am to 5:00pm
St. Luke's Cathedral
143 State Street
Portland, Maine

*9:00am-9:50am The Beginning Beginners Workshop.
This is for you if you just starting playing your ukulele yesterday or plan to play it for the first time at the CascoBay Ukefest or maybe don't even have a ukulele (yet). A few loaners will be available.
*10:00am-10:50am Reggae & Calypso for Ukulele: Grooves from the Heart led by Stuart Fuchs
The music of the Caribbean is a GREAT way to solidify and refine the basics of Ukulele strumming! You’ll explore the deep and heart centered styles of Reggae, Calypso Ska & Rocksteady. You’ll learn lots of fun and uplifting songs, new syncopated strum patterns, melodic riffs, and “level up” on your sense of groove and coordination with unique practice tips from Stu’s decades of experience. Be prepared to have a blast getting into the groove!
Open to ALL LEVELS of player
*11:00am-11:50am The Life & Times of Chuck Berry: Rock 'n Roll for Ukulele led by Stuart Fuchs
Learn the stylistic nuances of rock 'n roll on your Uke! We’ll play lots of fun and easy songs from the Father of Rock 'n Roll, Chuck Berry. By exploring songs from Chuck’s deep catalogue and applying Stu’s “Uke-a-billy” method you’ll give your ukulele playing that classic rock 'n roll style & edge. You’ll learn new rhythms, melodic licks that can be used to solo, and learn to improve your ability to strum and sing at the same time. In addition, you’ll gain an insight into the creative ways Chuck Berry weaves storytelling and rhythm & blues to help create the style of Rock 'n Roll music. 
“If you tried to give Rock 'n roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry’ ” - John Lennon.
Open to ALL LEVELS of player, beginner to advanced. Some basic experience recommended.
*Around Noonish, our headliner, Stu Fuchs, will perform in concert. Stu was our headliner in 2017; and everyone loved him so much, we asked him to come back again.
*1:30pm to maybe 5:00pm, Maine-based ukulele groups will perform their concerts, each of which will conclude with an audience sing and strum-along song so be sure to bring your uke.
Photo by Mark Dellas

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  1. So excited! Do we need to purchase tickets before or pay at the door? And, how much?
    Looking forward to meeting new uke friends!